How Good are You at Explaining to Someone What you Do in 10 Seconds?


You can give them your job title - accountant, banker, web designer.

But it doesn't articulate why you're different to all the other people that do what you do. It also allows people to put you in a box with all of your competitors.

You don't want that.

I've been enjoying the great stuff Donald Miller is doing over at StoryBrand. He says marketing messages like websites and pitches should pass The Grunt Test.

n a few seconds, can you convey to people...

What you do?
How you can make their life better?
What is their next step?
If they can't, you're missing out on opportunities. See, it turns out that people don't buy the BEST products and services.

They buy the products and services they can understand the FASTEST. So whether that's on your website, your business card or a networking conversation, you're in a race to explain things quickly and succinctly.

This takes some thinking about and crafting. You can't just make it up on the spot. Next week I'll share a 5 min video with you that might help you in this process.

In the meantime, happy networking,

Rob Brown

PS Your Rob Quote for the Week:

" Your richest resources are always in your richest relationships!"


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