How Effective Public Speaking Can Significantly Improve Your Business


Speech is the primary way we as humans communicate, and even with the best ideas or intentions in the world, it will be difficult to convey your vision without good communication skills. Every entrepreneur should have good public speaking skills in their arsenal, not only when it comes time to speak in front of an audience, but also when communicating with their employees and clients.

Good public speaking skills have many great benefits that only a few business owners are truly aware of. In this article, we're going to discuss some of the major benefits of good public speaking and how to properly prepare a speech that will have a strong impact on your audience.

Why Are Public Speaking Skills So Important?

Well, the reasons are many. The most obvious being that it allows you to connect with your audience and share your vision effectively. Not only that, but it will automatically give you as a sense of authority and your audience will automatically view you as an expert in your field. Whether you're talking with a professional or a set of new clients, being perceived as an authority will eventually lead to better opportunities.

Another reason why having superior public speaking skills can improve your business is that it will give you a set of tools to dominate any area that necessitates communication. Once you've spoken in a room full of people, engaging your clients one on one will be a breeze. Also, it will allow you to convey your vision to your employees and eventually improve employee engagement.

Building a reputation as a solid public speaker will gain you recognition and will make you more recognizable. Think of Steve Jobs. Technology is the backbone of Apple as a company, but it's Steve Jobs’ public speaking skills that really put the company on the map. Not only that, but Jobs’ public speaking skills allowed him to convey his vision and create excitement around new products, therefore creating buzz and driving sales.

What Makes a Great Speech?

Lots of business owners are still apprehensive about the whole speech writing process, but it ultimately boils down to a few core principles. The most important thing is to understand who the speech is for and the speech’s true purpose.

Speeches can be mere sales pitches, created for entertainment purposes only or to rally troops. Either way, it's very important to understand your core audience and write your speech accordingly. A good public speaker should be fluid and know how to tailor their content depending on who they are speaking to.

One perfect example of a public speaker who knows how to talk to different demographics is Dana Perino. While she usually speaks to business owners and organizations, she knows how to tailor her message to her core audience. When talking with business owners, she will focus more on subjects that might benefit them such a message management for instance, and with NGO’s she might touch more on global politics and how it affects their mission.

Once the core purpose of your speech has been outlined, it's time to do the proper research and create an outline for your speech. Creating an outline will allow you to boil your ideas down to a few sentences on which you will expand on. Creating an outline will also allow you to create a sense of flow in your speech and sequence ideas properly.

To add substance to your outline, you'll need to find anecdotes, stories, facts, statistics and anything that will support your talking points. Most speeches will also call for visuals aids. Most people will be more engaged if you use visuals during your speech and it has been shown that people remember 40% more of what is being said when used in conjunction with visual aids.

Your opening standing needs to be impactful and set the tone for the whole speech. It can be humorous, a striking statistic or a poignant story. The most important thing is that it needs to make an impact and be memorable.

Take some time aside to polish your speech. Remember that less is more, and if you can explain something in 3 words instead of 5, do it. Too many technical presenters have an issue with being concise. Try to trim down your prose to the mere essentials. Conciseness goes a long way and will keep your audience engaged.

In Closing

The art of public speaking will give you and your business a significant edge over your competition that shouldn’t be overlooked. It will improve your business's brand, allow you to reach more clientele, improve overall communication in your enterprise and establish you as an authority in your field.


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