Happiness And Productivity


When you really enjoy every aspect of your work, the level of your productivity can never be exceeded by systems, tools or methods. There is nothing on this planet that can compete with your happiness to motivate your productivity.

When you think about this concept of enjoying your work, it applies no matter what your position in the business.  If you are in a leadership position, this concept of enjoying your work will have a huge influence over your team because it will infect your team.
Happiness at work is the most important productivity element.  Without it, all other strategies and tactics will have limited effect.
This is how happy people contribute so much to the business:-

Happy people are more creative.
It is very hard to be creative if you're not happy.  To cope with problems you have to come up with new ideas and new strategies all the time.  Happy people have better relationships at work and operate in a more co-operative environment.

Happy people are more optimistic.
Happy people are good to have around because they are much more positive and have an optimistic outlook. Because of this they get on well with other people which makes them much more successful and productive.

Happy people are much more motivated.

Because happy people are much more motivated they achieve more during the work day and said a good example to the rest of their colleagues.  Because they're much more motivated their productivity is higher.

Happy people are healthier.

If you are unhappy about your job, you are more likely to be suffering from stress.  If this is the case, your general health will suffer.  As your health deteriorates, you will tend to have more sick leave.  Whilst you are on sick leave your productivity vanishes.

Happy people are easy to train.
Your ability to learn increases dramatically when you are happy and exposed to humour.  Your attention and memory are both improved when you are happy.  Furthermore, you are much more open to learning new things and putting them in place.  Naturally, this leads to greater productivity.

Happy people make less mistakes.
Unhappy people do not like admitting their mistakes, asking for help or learning from them.  Their tendency is to blame all sorts of outside influences for creating a mistake. Happy people make less mistakes because they don't mind fixing them after admitting their responsibility.  Furthermore, they don't mind sharing them so that others can learn.

Happy people make better decisions
Because happy people can see the big picture, they are in a much stronger position to make sound decisions and their view of the world at work enables them to better prioritise their work. When they are happy they don't have a narrow focus of the unhappy person.

Happy people fix problems.
Happy people fix problems and others don't  mind helping them.  Your perception of each problem at work depends on your level of happiness.  When you are unhappy every problem looks impossible to conquer.  This leads to a feeling of inadequacy and produces a tendency not to deal with the problem. 
When you have done your most productive work you will have been at your happiest. 
What can you do to make your workplace happier and more productive?

Peter Mitchell



Peter L Mitchell has 36 years of practical experience in business consulting and training. He specializes in workplace behavioral change through performance management. Peter has helped many businesses to improve productivity, to dramatically reduce workplace accidents and increase bottom line profits.

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