Goal Setting, Monitoring and Appraisals For Your Staff


“Success is the result of meeting your goals,” now you would have heard this many times from the mouths of many different people. But the scope of this statement is not only relevant to personal goals but also those in business.

In order to achieve your objectives there must be clear goals set it place to pave the way. Not having goals set in place for your business is like trying to navigate without a map.  All businesses need to set specific goals to understand how the industry is working and progressing. Not to mention that goals are also a great motivational tool for your employees.

A lot of the time things don’t happen the way we want them to. We set certain goals only to lose interest shortly afterwards.  If you can afford to devote more time in setting and implementing goals, you can also anticipate for higher levels of employee productivity in your team.

Often it is management that implements and works towards a set of goals, but it is important to set goals for your employees too. Planning goals for your staff to accomplish is simply and easy to do. Choose goals that are measurable, attainable and can give financial return for your business. Avoid goals that are too general and broad to complete, because you will be working on problems without ever getting a solution.

It is beneficial for your business to offer goal setting opportunities for your staff. While managers have goals for the whole team, the employees have specific goals for their assigned jobs. Encourage your staff to create smart goals based on the team’s objectives. Instill a culture in your business where being an employee doesn’t exclude you people from planning and thinking of ways to excel in their work.

Coexisting with the process of goal setting is monitoring. Everyday there is a need for your team to accomplish something that will draw closer to the completion of a project. Set a deadline, possibly to work as much as possible within a certain timeframe. And along the way, the team members would want to monitor their progress to see how they are genuinely achieving their goal.

Lastly, establish regular appraisals for your staff. Everyone can agree that employees are the businesses best asset and need higher recognition. You must not view the appraisal process as a frustrating formality or time waster. It only becomes a positive experience when the staff consider appraisal as a serious procedure.

Appraisals are designed to produce a great outcome, a change to the role and mentality of your employees that inspires motivation for their benefit and also the business. Draw attention and give timely praise to what each employee is able to achieve for themselves and the business.  After all, happy employees promote a healthy business.


Sigrid de Kaste
Business Marketing Coach and Consultant


Sigrid de Kaste is a Consultant and Mentor who owns her own business - Stickybeak Marketing - which provides personal, practical, hands on Business Development and Marketing services.

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