Go For Gold

by Guest Expert

When dealing with people mine for gold

Gold miners process tons of rock to find a tiny amount of gold. We can have better relationships if we treat people the same way. Look for the gold in them, look for the good and excellent things they do and look for the good in who they are. Because of the diversity of people (and vive la difference) there will always be people who do things differently from us. Someone will always think differently from us

Overlook the ore or rock and look for the gold.  Bring out that gold and cherish it. Focus on it: Think about it, talk about it.

We can think about the best things in people. There is a saying:

  • Whatever is true,
  • whatever is noble,
  • whatever is right,
  • whatever is pure,
  • whatever is lovely,
  • whatever is admirable –
  • if anything is excellent or worthy of praise

think about these things.

People are like a box of chocolates. Some are crunchy, some are sweet, some are nutty, some are chewy but all are delicious in their own way. Without each one we would not experience the diversity of life and of people.

What do you think would happen if you treated people as if you were mining for gold, if you concentrated on the good in them?

Precious metals are not found on the surface.

Everybody has gold inside them. Some people display it, but with others we have to do a little searching. If we want good relationships it is important to look for these nuggets and focus on them.

Brian Taylor

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