Getting To The Decision Maker


This is another really simple idea that you can begin to use tomorrow to speed up your sales cycle.

It's simply this. 

To begin with, aim to speak to the the business owner or the most senior person in the organisation you are looking to work with. 


Because they will then direct you to the person you need to be dealing with. 

Then, contextually, if you are dealing with someone in middle management at the behest (can't believe I just used that word) of the MD or CEO, that person way more likely to be co-operative and move the process along faster. 


Because they are being directed to talk to you from above which is a whole stack different from talking to you as your entry point. 

Contextually it is like night and day. 

The other point to remember here is this... 

You will be directed to talk to the person in the organisation that you sound like the most 

So what does that mean? 

It means that if you are talking to a CEO or an MD and you want to keep talking to them, you can't bust into product speak or you will be transferred down the line faster than you can say the word "feature." 

Same goes if as you talk to a receptionist or PA. 

The moment you start sounding all product, product you will be put through to the purchasing officer or someone lower down the chain of command. 

So knowing what to say and how to talk to people at different levels of the buying process is crucial to you speeding up the sales process. 

Take care of yourself and the ones you love

John Blake


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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