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A common phrase used in the academic world is, “publish or perish.” This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on researchers.

Once you receive funding for your project you must then research, conduct experiments, analyze and toil over your subject in order to produce a paper that accurately represents your findings for publication. Often times, being a great researcher does not equate to being a great writer. In fact, this combination is even more difficult to achieve for ESL researchers. A researcher does the best he or she can do to put together their findings in a publishable format, but the reality is that somewhere between 30-50% of most articles do not even make it to the review process. Why are these articles being rejected? Well, for ESL academics and for some native English speakers the main reason can be summed up as the following:

  • It is unintelligible, meaning, the language, structure, grammar, spelling or figures are so poor that the value of the research cannot be assessed.

The reality is that if a researcher receives a rejection because of these types of errors it is a huge disappointment. But, the great news is that utilizing an expert paper proofreading service can eliminate the fear of this type of rejection. Researchers put an enormous amount of effort into taking their career to the next level, and this usually involves a successful publication track record. Therefore, avoiding such unnecessary mistakes is essential for success. Expert paper proofreading services are able to help researchers succeed by avoiding journal rejection due to language errors. Here, we describe a few key features that professional paper proofreading services offer in order to ensure that your paper is free of language errors. 

  • An expert proofreading service corrects your paper for surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language mistakes.
  • Any kind of writing requires a fresh pair of eyes to review your paper once you have finished. A native English speaker may be able to help with this to a certain degree, but only expert proofreader have the ability to thoroughly detect all of the errors.
  • Expert proofreaders are trained to have sharp eyes and are disinclined to let any mistake go unmissed. They can delve deep into your paper, and they will make certain that mistakes are corrected, that your documents follow the style guidelines and that your information flows properly.
  • Expert proofreading services are important because any writing that is intended for publication must communicate its message in the clearest possible way, and clear writing must be free of spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, or inconsistency in language. 

Ultimately, by utilizing a paper proofreading service you eliminate the chance of having your paper rejected based on whether or not it is intelligible and increase your chance of getting your research published in the best journals based on the content of work. Expert paper proofreading services can help all researchers to present their ideas clearly and effectively in perfect English, and the quality of your research and conclusions will be enhanced with expert paper proofreading services.


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