Generation Z Coming to A Workplace Near You!


Can you believe it's just as we were getting the hang of Gen Y (1983 - 1994) THEIR kids are about to come into the workplace¦..though Gen Z kids are more likely to be the children of Gen X (1965-1980's) parents.

Some of these kids are being raised by parents who have chosen to work part time; share child rearing or even opted to become stay at home this could be the first generation since the Baby Boomers who were not raised in child care facilities.

Gen Z kids are born from 1990 onwards and are 100% unique in that they have grown up with the internet. They live with social networks at their finger tips 24 hours a day via cell phones, iPod, Facebook, YouTube and instant messaging.....all devices that they actually carry with them, so they no longer have to wait to get home to connect; or wait till they get to the library or classroom.....and they never knew the frustration of dial up!

They have inbuilt networking genes; sharing information is what they do; it's all they've ever known...

They are already being given various ‘names':

  • Digital natives
  • Speed demons
  • The Net Generation or
  • The Internet Generation

They've even been dubbed ‘the best message board on the planet'.

Think about their skills when you want a ‘crowd' somewhere - in New Zealand the student army mobilized themselves within hours and by the thousands to help the victims of the Christchurch earthquake.

Think about the speed that they could make or break a brand or a product or a service! So businesses beware.
I picked up the following graph via sparkoo which suggests that if you want to capture their attention, first of all you will have to be QUICK and secondly you might like to present something funny! It's no flook that funny videos on Youtube go viral within hours - it's probably Gen Z's spreading the word.

Statistics1 (Image)

So are you ready for the next generation?

Ann Andrews CSP
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Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

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