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Conceived by Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher Dr. Ben Goertzel, the new global holiday "Future Day" is the first holiday that focuses on "the amazing future we are collectively creating". Future Day was celebrated on March 1 with gatherings in more than a dozen cities across the globe. There was even a program for several hours on Terasem Island in the virtual universe, Second Life.

"Celebrating and honoring the past and the cyclical processes of nature is a valuable thing," said Goertzel. "But in these days of rapid technological acceleration, it is our future that needs more attention, not our past. His hope is that Future Day can serve as a tool for helping humanity focus its attention on figuring out what kind of future it wants, and striving to bring these visions to reality.

Others commented in on the concept as well: "The past is over; the present is fleeting; we live in the future", said serial AI entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil. According to Goertzel, "Ray Kurzweil predicts that technological paradigm shifts will become increasingly common, leading to 'technological change so rapid and profound it represents a [tear] in the fabric of human history".

Howard Bloom, author of "Global Brain", observed, "Future Day is designed to center the impossible in the public mind once a year as a temptation too delicious to resist".

Celebrated in nine countries, the events ranged from a panel and Skype call-in in Melbourne to an informal event in Hong Kong (organized by Goertzel) to a public event in Second Life that was a discussion between authors Bloom and Rothblatt and blogger Giulio Prisco who joined Goertzel, Vita-More, and Ford.

Other events were held in Sydney, Berkeley, Edmonton, Houston, Salt Lake City, Brussels, Sao Paulo, Paris, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Washington DC, Lehi (Utah), and Wroclaw (Poland).

If you are interested in starting your own Future Day event for next year, list it by sending an email to [email protected].

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