Fruitful Office combatting African deforestation


The team at Fruitful Office have been collaborating with the charity RIPPLE Africa to help slow down deforestation in Malawi and Africa. The campaign they have been running, Planting Trees for Africa, has involved the planting of a large number of Senna Siamea, papaya and guava fruit trees.

Senna Siamea trees are particularly effective in slowing down deforestation as they are a fast-growing source of firewood for the local communities. 35 trees are being grown for each 10,000 families, and local communities have been given access to seeds, tubes and equipment as well as valuable advice about caring for trees and the importance of them.

The team behind the campaign have been working hard to ensure adequate seedlings are being prepared for rainy season. The campaign was designed to boost public health and ensure the locals can get access to all the fruit and firewood they need. Between July and September, 100,000 trees were planted in Malawi. Far too many locals are still unaware of the consequences of deforestation. The campaign aims to ensure that communities can get the firewood they need without indigenous trees being lost. Senna Siamea tree branches grow back quickly, which means supplies of firewood are always being replenished. Some of the most notable consequences of deforestation include rising temperatures, droughts and soil erosion.

Planting Trees in Africa has also played a big role in saving Choma Hill in Malawi. Choma Hill was once home to a large number of trees prior to the launch of a charcoal business. Even the largest trees were only capable of providing three bags of charcoal, which meant the area was robbed of trees rapidly. Local farmers have been trained about the value of Eucalyptus and Pine for cooking. Furthermore, burning trees in the area can be counter-productive as the fertile top soil regularly gets washed away before it can be used.

Fruitful Office are planting one tree in Malawi for each basket of fruit consumed by their customers and clients. The trees are grown by householders in Malawi, with tree seedlings being grown by farmers, schools and community clubs. The trees provide fruit and firewood to be used by poor families in the region but can also be used to generate income. Clients are updated on the progress of the campaign every three months. The information is used to keep staff engaged with the campaign and to demonstrate the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility. Updates can be seen on their website. You can follow Fruitful Office on a vast range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

The company’s customers are able to replenish fruit stocks every week, fortnight or month. New customers are able to us the online fruit calculator to identify which service is the most suitable for their needs. Most fruit is sourced from the UK and Western Europe to keep fruit emissions to a minimum. You can get in touch with Fruitful Office by calling 0845 643 1615.

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