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I have to admit, December just got the better of me… I allowed the disruption to our home life because of renovations and landscaping distract me. However, the things that mattered most did get my mindful attention. My aim for the year was to write and post a meaningful, evidence-based and interesting article for you every week with a six week break in December and January. In total this year I posted 45 blogs – so I fell short by one article.
On reflection, I’m ok with that and hope you are too.
As I’ve written a number of times this year, distraction, disruption and change is the natural state for humankind… and while many of us still seek stability, learning to accept and manage (not just cope and survive) in times of disruption will help us live more happy, flourishing and meaningful lives. In this final article for the year I want to remind you that being clear about your intention for the people you impact through your various life roles helps you to be more mindful in more moments that matter most, and is key to helping you manage the disruption in your life.
To help you reflect on your 2015, here’s some thoughts on what matters most in my life:
My Clients Matter! The year has been once again full of travel to conferences and the privilege of sharing my philosophy and evidence-based strategies around building intentional trust relationships. I know with a mix of both humility and pride that I’ve provided my clients with value and the opportunity for those in my audiences, to think more deeply about what really matters most in their professional and personal lives. I’ve worked with some wonderful clients again this year, and while not naming them here (you all know who you are), I want to thank you for being courageous enough to embrace the importance of trust in leadership and as a key influencer of success within your organisation.
My Uni Research Matters! My uni research is in full swing for my dissertation which has been given the green light to proceed. My working title is ‘The Impact Of Good Intentions For Clients On Meaning At Work And Well-Being.’
Stay tuned and in the new year I will be reporting on my progress and findings.
My Friends Matter! Over the past 12 months the times I have had with my friends validate what we know from science – we draw a lot of meaning and purpose from the relationships we have and the experiences we share with our friends. Good food, good wine, good conversation… what a joy.
My Family Matter! Without doubt the moments that have mattered most to me over the past 12 months have been with Liz and our sons. A meaningful life has both joy and sadness and the entire spectrum of emotions and feelings… that’s what living life is meant to be like.
Disruption is the natural condition of human beings, and despite most of us wanting stability, being able to draw on the trust in our relationships is key to managing best in times of disruption, distraction, change and challenge.
None of us really know what the next minute will bring, little lone the next twelve months. The future is just an illusion, a thought, an expectation.
However, what we also know from the science is that having hope and goals and optimism, mixed with some careful realism and pragmatism, helps us all to live more happy, flourishing and meaningful lives.


David Penglase is a leading authority on Personal and Workplace Prosperity. He is author of Intentionomics (top 10 best-seller on Amazon in two categories), an international conference speaker and corporate educator.

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