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Do you want to grow your business but have unmotivated staff who deliver poor performance and promote unproductiveness? Do you need to push your staff to do their job? Do your employees find it difficult performing their tasks no matter how hard they try?

If you found yourself answering any of these questions as you read them then this article is for you. And even if you didn't you might just know one of the fore mentioned employees...or even be one yourself.

Now the big question on your lips is, what can I do to handle such situations and how can I take a step back and embrace the frustrating challenges?

If you're in a staff managing or supervising position, these kinds of situations can make you want to pull out your own hair. It's important to make a decision on how to manage every situation properly in order to keep your composure.

Two of the most effective concepts to bring success to your business and help keep employees motivated by using their utmost capabilities are:

1.) Know their personality traits and

2.) Work with their strengths.

You may have done almost everything to make your staff work at their best yet your expectations of their achievements are still unmet. Your motive for employee's perfection could be good, but it's also possible that your procedures in doing it may not be effectively right. Having worked with an employee you would have a fair idea of their individual personality traits. Classifying the staff according to their own personality traits, according to what they can and cannot efficiently do, will give you valuable insight to what area of responsibilities they should be assigned. You can get staff to work as a team, without a doubt.

Each task requires the specialised abilities of the employee in order to get the job done successfully. Joining different employees together in a team with varying personality traits will leave your goals unfulfilled, they will only produce mess. On the other hand, building up a team with members of the same interests, capabilities, and personality traits will ensure success.

Along with identifying their personality traits, you can also start to evaluate, learn, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. A recommendation is to focus on the strengths of your staff rather than their weaknesses. Take the time to calculate what it is that each team member can do to make the business profitable. As we all know, employees are the ones to fulfill or to kill the company's vision.

Give your employees the appropriate training to develop further their existing strengths. This is where you as an employer must invest more attention rather than insisting your employees turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Most of the time employers try to motivate their associates by helping them view more of their limitations and then give them training with the anticipation that they will progress. But it actually works the opposite way. Chances are your staff may not be as productive and efficient as they are expected to be.

Choosing to applaud the employees' strengths will give them confidence to keep doing well at the tasks they are already good at. While giving them motivation, training and deliberate practice will help in increasing their self-confidence.

These key factors to motivating employees are proven to be useful in building up a perfect team in any organisation. By doing the same you will be amazed at how your staff will showcase their competencies for excellent performance - even beyond what you had ever imagined!

Sigrid de Kaste



Sigrid de Kaste is a Consultant and Mentor who owns her own business - Stickybeak Marketing - which provides personal, practical, hands on Business Development and Marketing services.

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