Facebook Tips: The Importance of Liking Business Pages and How it Affects Managing Them


Facebook is something that I both love and hate. I love the relationships, the banter and the quick and easy ways in which we can stay in touch with people and be kept up to date about the important things. It does on occasion drive me nuts because of the way that rules and systems change and you can't rely on it remaining the same however good it might be.

Regardless of whether you manage pages or you just like to like content that appeals to you, it is important to understand how the system works. Having Facebook page for your business is nowhere near as magic a solution for conversing with your target audience as it used to be and it is getting increasingly important to have strategies in place to not only increase engagement but also find other ways of reaching prospective clients.


If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

If you like a page on Facebook and you really like it, make sure that you LIKE it, engage with it and show Facebook that you really mean it. Facebook algorithms crudely work on the basis that if you don’t interact with a page then you are not interested and only “liked” it as part of a promotional thingy and you don’t really want to see the content in your newsfeed. 


Can you still find the pages you have liked? I can’t and it drives me potty.

That lovely menu on the left with the section “pages” now only offers a list of the pages that I manage. I know that I have liked hundreds of pages and yet I cannot see a full list anywhere. It may not be the same for you yet. Incremental changes seem to affect people at different times. The only way that I can see which pages I have liked now is to look at the Facebook lists that I have created. Many I would have lost a long time ago if I hadn’t had some sort of filing system set up originally to cater for my dippy brain cells that need all the help that they can get with things like this. . I cannot guarantee that the list system will still be in place in the future so I know I have to figure out a contingency plan to keep in touch with the businesses that interest me the most.


Reaching your target audience is getting harder

Facebook’s intentions has always been to charge businesses to communicate with their clients. Evidence from various quarters suggests that this is very much in place right now. If you manage a page you are now regularly bombarded with “Boost your post” offers pledging to take money from you to supposedly get your content out to your target audience. That target audience may or may not people who have already liked your page. Sadly this seems to be appearing as a fact as various marketers test strategies and each point to similar conclusions. Posting several times a day, encouraging people to like and comment, running campaigns that creates a buzz are all things that we need to do to keep our pages busy and interesting. That way the more people who like your page, the more likely it will appear in the newsfeeds and the more likely that more people will like the page and so it goes on, The key is to be fascinating so finding out what intrigues your audience is crucial and guess what, it is not likely to be all about your products and services but something original, quirky and curious.


Creating a contingency plan.

If you want a date with someone, it is a good idea to get their ‘phone number so that you can instigate communication and hopefully the next steps of establishing a good relationship. It is no good just waiting on chance and someone else’s good intentions. The ideal is to get your prospective clients and your target audience to subscribe to your newsletters and optin to receive more information.

Cultivating a culture of independence is the logical step. Email marketing enables you to nurture relationships independently without being dependent on an agenda that cares not a jot about you and what you need and want to achieve. So whatever you do, don’t be dependent on a single platform but cultivate such strong relationships that people will follow you wherever you go.


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Georgina Lester is a creative marketing strategist, business mentor and digital story telling coach with a passionate interest in business, the arts, the art of fine food and wine and the world of hand crafted luxury. She works with individuals who have 'ideas worth spreading' and entrepreneurial business owners who run exciting niche businesses. By focusing on the customer journey and nurturing powerful customer relationships she helps these business to create marketing strategies utilising the best of modern social media and digital technologies.


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Georgina Lester describes herself as a creative maverick. She believes that as a business owner today you have to be boldly open, courageously creative and willing to not follow the crowd.

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