Even Leaders Need To Engage In Collaboration


The best among them realise early on they cannot work in isolation

Last week, I was delighted to be invited to speak at the International Leadership Summit of Mosaic in Amman, Jordan.
Mosaic was established in 2007 by the Prince of Wales to encourage young people to realise their talents. Since 2009, Mosaic has operated a highly successful International Leadership programme to develop leadership skills, inspire thinking about global issues and equip young people to become involved in their local community. The programme lasts for 12 months with 80 delegates participating in a two-week residential training programme that features speakers from around the world.

The delegates are selected from 2,000 applicants possessing a combination of leadership potential and a passion for their local communities. This year included delegates from 18 countries.

The 2015 International Leadership Programme was created as an innovative leadership development opportunity in collaboration with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, the Royal Patron, and delivered in partnership with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development.

A key aspect of the Summit was the impact delegates have upon each another; the diversity of nationalities, ethnicities, cultures and sectors provided an amazing opportunity.

Following the Summit, each participant was matched with a volunteer Mosaic mentor to act as a role model to boost confidence, self-efficacy and long-term employability. Each delegate was expected to write a personal ‘Action Plan’ outlining how they would put their learning into action within their local community and to report on their progress against targets set, for 12 months following the Summit.

Being a leader requires vision, focus and influence and I was delighted to be asked to deliver a motivational presentation entitled ‘Leaders Need to Speak up and Speak Out’ which addressed the issue of having the confidence to speak to audiences so as to empower and persuade them.

It is not always easy for an individual to do this, because for many it can take them out of their comfort zone. I was also pleased to have been given the opportunity to work alongside an alumni group from last year whose role — this year — was to become group leaders for new delegates.

These talented and committed people were a joy to work alongside and their commitment to the role was commendable.

The world needs leaders who want to bring about change not only for now but for the future. Leaders who will strive for individual growth and development and who are concerned about the future of their people, their communities and the planet. However, it can be tough to do this alone if working in isolation.

Collaboration is the key to bring about sustainable change because without its motivating force, individuals are often at a loss as to how to proceed.

Entrepreneurs are used to being self-sufficient, and successful leaders know their own strengths and accept their weaknesses. The secret is to find the right partners who will complement your skills, maximise results and make the difference between a highly successful organisation and one with only minimum potential for growth.

Furthermore, every leader needs not only to enhance their personal skills but also to instigate innovation and cooperation through strategic partnerships.

These are the secrets to harnessing the power of working together — not just for oneself but also for the benefit of your local community and subsequently for the wider community. Creating new synergies to exploit the power of successful partnerships, is the agenda.

Individually, we may be strong, but together we can be powerful beyond local boundaries. Just imagine the power you could unlock when you adopt the ‘together we are stronger’ approach within your own organisation!

To quote Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese-American poet and writer: “Two, side by side, raise hands together to find what one cannot reach alone.”

Key points:

* The world needs strong committed leaders.

* Leaders need to speak up and speak out.

* Introduce the ‘together we are stronger’ approach


Carole Spiers


Author of "Show Stress Who's Boss" Carole is a leading authority on workplace stress, sought after BBC guest-Broadcaster and motivational speaker. She shows managers and staff how to maintain their competitive advantage by achieving a healthy work life balance.

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