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Looks Matter and getting the right look makes a real difference to your business.

When you are starting your own business, time is a major concern.  Even though you have prepared for independence by being well aware of the extra hours it will involve, there may be last minute issues that creep up and make you worry that you will never get everything accomplished in time to open on the planned date. This will give you unnecessary headaches and stress when in fact your first concern should be that you are ready to meet your clients’ needs.

Look at your checklist. Yes, the cash is there for equipment and premises, the business and marketing plans are tight and you know your target customers inside and out. 

But what about structural issues like secure but still attractive commercial doors? Thinking about this should not be left for the last minute. 

Looks Matter

First off, they need to look visually appealing as well as professional, because this is the first thing clients will see. For this reason you need to choose those which will suit your building’s style and structure. 

But equally important, commercial doors need to be safe and secure in order protect you, your workers, your clients and your business assets, and both the quality of the door and its proper installation are key. Proper workplace security measures also matters a great deal to insurers. Whether your property consists of sensitive machinery, technological equipment or valuable merchandise, if it is not expertly protected from being damaged or stolen, your fledgling operation will be doomed from the start.

Fire should also be a concern, and thus you will want to install doors which can contain flames and smoke damage whether they are inside the building or outside the doors. Likewise you should think about insulation. It might not be such a worry in warm, dry climes, but many products and equipment are damp and temperature sensitive and if so you will want to make sure they are well protected.

Protect your Assets

Commercial doors are different from residential doors because they are expected to stand up to a lot of wear and tear over time. They are almost always subject to heavy traffic because they can be opening and closing day and night and for this reason need to be extremely strong and never malfunction or they could be dangerous. Also, since they are heavy, and the very act of using them can put strain on the mechanisms if they are not properly made or installed. For this reason, make sure your doors are built to last and have an excellent guarantee.  

Hollow metal door & frame combinations are a top choice today because they are extremely durable and secure, and for this reason ideal  for retail outlets, warehouses and manufacturing facilities as well as prisons and detention centers. They also stand up well to environmental stress such as heat and humidity and are built to operate without trouble for many years. The hollow metal construction also allows for a great deal of design freedom, even for irregular sizes. They can come in specialized stainless steel, brass or even have the look and feel of wood while offering much better performance.

The good news is that door and frame combination kits are now available which are less time consuming and economical to install than options in the past.  Special offers are usually offered for bulk or combination purchases, so you can start your business off with a bang, knowing you’ve been both smart and security-conscious.


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