Do You Work With Your Competitors or Against Them?


Once upon a time there was a very successful business consultant - let's call him William - who ran a number of Retreats for businesses.

Every year a group of business owners would gather at a quiet, elegant venue and discuss the future of their businesses. They’d work on getting clear about what they really wanted from their businesses and look for new and exciting ways of achieving it – William was never one for settling for an ordinary business!

At the end of each Retreat, the guests went away full of ideas and inspiration, leaving William to think about how to keep improving the Retreat for the following year.

One day William went skiing and met another brilliant business consultant – let’s call her Bev.

Aside from skiing, Bev had a passion for leadership and believed in creating the right environment for people to flourish, so they can do what they love and earn a great living from it.

Technically, Bev and William were in competition with each other.

They both specializd in helping business owners do great things with their businesses. They both worked with large and small organizations, with groups and one-to-one. They were both committed to supporting their clients on an ongoing basis, to help them grow their businesses and reach their goals.

When they realized that they were competitors, William and Bev could have put all their efforts into out doing each other – spending more money on their own websites and the rest of their marketing, in an attempt to attract a greater share of potential clients who were looking for people who could help them. They could both have expended huge amounts of energy, trying to show the world why they were better than the other one.

OR they could decide to work together to maximise their specialist talents; to market to their combined databases and to run events together. And so that is exactly what they did. By doing so, they halved their efforts and doubled their results.

Which of YOUR competitors could you join forces with to half your efforts and double your results?


William Buist


William Buist is MD of Abelard Management Services, which specialises in developments in the Societal Web.

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