Culture, Confidence and Commerce


Business is transacted, grown, optimised and sustained when the corporate culture is positive, the focus is on customer-oriented outcomes, confidence pervades the team and pride is felt for the entity, its people, products, services and application.

Why then is it that during downturn periods the focus is on cost-savings, processes and labour-saving technology?

The distinction between the two mindsets defines and highlights many of the causal factors of the significant disconnect which currently exists between businesses and their clients and customers.

Given this reality, it is improbable that relationships and productivity can be, and will be enhanced. Growth is, seemingly, off the agenda and enthusiasm, excitement and urgency are side-lined. Structural change and strategies are, understandably, implicitly deemed to be secondary issues, which will be addressed at the appropriate time, in the future.

Tactical activities can and do generate heat, burn energy, “spin” wheels and achieve little isolation in terms of strategic significance. They are typically exhausting and unrewarding.

Individually, single entities can do little to effect macro-changes. They can, however, be rewarded by introducing innovations, with an emphasis on “new”.

A massive void currently exists in many sectors, with telling consequences in the aspects of exploration, research, development and product launches. When present and applied, each makes a significant statement of confidence and commitment. They provide reason and rationale to initiate contact with existing, prospective and past clients.

If the financial budget is tight, try budgeting some time and intellectual capital....... together, they are priceless.

Repackaging and re-merchandising may be a great starting point to better times.... self-induced.

Barry Urquhart


Barry Urquhart, MD Marketing Focus, Perth, is the author of Australia's top two selling books on customer service and is an internationally recognised authority on consumer behaviour and creative visual marketing.

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