Count your Way to Success!

by Guest Expert

Whether it is in business or in your personal life, the ability to count is a critical factor in your success.

While ‘The bottom line' is considered a mark of success in most forms of business, there are other important counts.

And there are more counts than your income from an endeavor, or how much profit you make in trading stocks and shares.

While those numbers are important, they are not critical to achieving the success you want. Success results by counting the things that matter.

So, let's look at the important numbers that really matter to your success:


ONE is the starting point of counting. More importantly, it takes ONE person to make an idea a reality. Without the ONE, there is no business, no success. But, as the song has it: "One is the loneliest number” or the other song: "One is one and all alone and ever more shall be so!"

What's YOUR idea, the idea that is going to make your life purposeful and successful?


It takes TWO people to make a transaction happen. Business really is all about transactions. The more transactions the business has, the more successful the business. But personal success is also about transactions. Transactions often called relationships.

Relationships, like business transactions, are about fulfilling your side of the transaction. They are built on trust, not ideas or ideals. And, the more trust that is created, the more success you have in your life.

How are YOU applying TWO to your life and business?  Are you developing relationships that can build up over the years?


THREE is a magic number. In some ways, every expression of business and personal success comes down to THREE. Even troubles and good things come in THREES.

My own view of the most important triple in every one's life is about stating your life or business purpose. There are three parts to it:

Your needs. These are the things, tangible or otherwise, that you need to make your life livable and enjoyable. Without them your life and business will never be successful.

Other's needs. Just as you have needs, so do other people. If you can show that you can deliver to meet those needs, then those other people will find you and help you with your needs. Remember TWO - you meet their "needs to meet your own needs" is a transaction.

The Community needs: You and those others do not exist in a vacuum. You all belong to a community, whether it's online or in the real world. So, your transactions have to fit in with the community in which the transactions happen.

Take a few minutes, and look at your purpose in terms of needs: Are you meeting YOUR needs? Are you meeting other's needs? Are you meeting community needs?

Meet those needs, and you will enjoy a successful business and personal life!


FOUR represents the four aspects of reality. These are the Physical, the Emotional, the Mental and the Spiritual. If you look at your needs, you will find that they all partake of one or more of these aspects.

After all, when you have a meal, you satisfy more than just your physical hunger: you want satisfaction (emotional aspect); you want pleasure (mental aspect), and you want to feel fulfilled (spiritual aspect).

Spiritual, in this context, is not about your religion or non-religion. It is about self-realization, rather than beliefs, and it is every bit as real as the physical.

You challenge is to discover how the needs for THREE fit in with these four aspects? How do these four aspects fit with your other transactions? And how do these four aspects fit the way you live your life?

 Other numbers:

There are FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN, ELEVEN, and TWELVE that also play a major part in our business counting. But space is limited, and how they fit into your life and success is for future prognostication.

The point is that these numbers are the ones that you need to count to make your life and business successful. If you have these numbers right, then you are well on the road to the success you want in your life. And each of the numbers so far deserves a lot more space than we have here.


Roberta Budvietas is a passionate purposeful performer. She is committed to helping business owners start, grow and develop their businesses. During the past 20 years Roberta has helped over 1000 small businesses run purposeful businesses by the numbers.

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