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When I published my book "Fast, Flat and Free" recently, my brother-in-law Neil described it as "Gihan's Greatest Hits". That's a pretty good description, because the book brings together a lot of what I've been teaching over the last 15 years.


For example:

  • The chapter about social media has a list of 20 simple things you can do to keep building your social media presence. That is taken from a complimentary on-line course I created called 10-Minute Reputation Builders.
  • The chapter about creating content describes a process for creating a year's worth of high-quality content and drip-feeding it on-line. That came from a webinar I ran calledBuild Your Online Presence Without Spending Hours A Day.
  • The chapter about building a compelling Web site describes 17 psychological triggers that convert your Web site visitors into buyers. I first published that in an e-bookMake More Sales.
  • The chapter about market focus includes a process for identifying profitable niches. Some of that chapter started life as an e-book, audio program and diagnostic assessment Find Your Market.
  • The chapter about on-line experiences includes a checklist for ensuring your shopping cart isn't turning your customers away. We've been using that checklist for years in our Web design business.

Not everything in the book is content I've published before, and of course I went to a lot of trouble to rewrite all of it to fit the book's structure. But I do leverage a lot of material in different ways.

And you should, too!

Some eGurus resist re-using their content and publishing it in different ways, because they worry that their market will feel "cheated" at getting the same information over and over again. But that's not the case. In fact, it's the opposite: People will appreciateyou making the effort, because it means they can consume the information the way they want, not just in the one way you choose to give it to them.

When I write an article for my newsletter, I'll post it to my blog, add it to my Web site, send it to article directories, post it to Twitter and Facebook, add it to my LinkedIn feed, feature it on Google+; and possibly turn it into a video, slide show, special report or webinar. It might even end up in a chapter of a future book.

If you're an eGuru, I bet you could do a lot more with each piece of content you create, so you don't have to spend so much time creating new material, and you help people consume it the way they want to.

Gihan Perera



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