Code of Conduct For House Guests if you want to be Invited Back.


I recently had a guest, who, while charming and lots of fun, treated our home like a hotel. Even down to letting us know we were running low on beer and chocolate biscuits.

I chatted to lots of people over the Christmas break and every one of them had a similar story of friends and relatives who would not be invited back any time soon.

So if YOU had a house guest from hell (or WERE one) I thought you might like this Code of Conduct:

  1. We love having you stay so long as you realize that this is NOT a hotel; we don’t have chamber maids, or chefs. WE ARE THE CHAMBER MAIDS. WE ARE THE CHEFS AND GROCERY SHOPPERS AND DISH WASHERS ETC.
  2. We don’t have regular food parcels delivered for free from Amnesty International or the Red Cross – we have to buy the food you eat while you stay with us. At the very least (particularly as you’ve just come through duty free) It is good manners to arrive with a bottle of wine and some nibbles. It is good manners to buy at least a portion of the drink you will consume during your stay. A bag of groceries every now and again would go down really well. And it doesn’t hurt to offer to cook every now and again
  3. We are NOT a taxi service. If you have to get around the country or meet up with friends while staying with us, either get a hire car or take taxis. Or better still – stay with your friends so you don’t need to travel to meet them and THEY can keep you in the manner you’ve become accustomed to
  4. When you leave – remember again that we don’t have a chamber maid, it doesn’t hurt to take the dirty sheets off your bed
  5. And finally – if someone has put you up (or is that put up with you), it doesn’t hurt to take the people you’ve stayed with out to lunch or dinner, at YOUR expense and with good grace to say that really lovely thing – THANK YOU.


Because my promise to anyone who doesn’t do at least the majority of the things 1-5 is this – the next time you want to stay with us – we might just be out of the country.


Ann Andrews CSP


Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

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