Candour Precedes Creativity and Innovation


"How long will it take you to find out why we're not being as innovative as we need to be?" asked a prospective client.

"About an hour." I replied.

For 25 years I have been walking into organisations as an adviser and I am told, usually within an hour, of what could be better and yet no one has raised issues with insiders for fear of reprisal or fear for their jobs and other nasty reasons.

A common reason is a cultural issue of not talking about what can be perceived as unpleasant.

Sometimes I name the elephants myself.

Once or twice I have been thrown out for doing so! Usually I mentor people to name the elephants themselves.

The outcome usually is relief and very quickly elephants are humanely removed. Soon creativity and innovation happen. Often the reaction is why was this not spoken about before?

Speaking up and speaking out are characteristics of being a 'connoisseur of candour', a role Appreciative Leaders play remarkably well.


Ian Berry CSP


Ian Berry is a writer and international business speaker with unique expertise in why doing good is great for business.

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