Can you Accelerate your New Sales Stars on the Road to Glory?


We have all been in jobs where we smiled through the job interview, got the role, and then were dropped in the deep end and told to swim.

This attitude is very risky, and normally has a massive cost associated.

The cost of the hire, the recruitment, the resources spent interviewing and the lost sales from poor preparation early on in a new role getting up to speed can be truly painful.

To ensure a quality hire, a fast start, and new recruit buy-in to your business we suggest the following tips that have worked for our clients.


Assess like an X-ray to Find the Pay-day

When we first use the term 'assessment' with our clients, they often think of the various daunting personality tests out there designed to build teams.

The sales related assessment we use at to help our clients pick great sales recruits or to assess their current team is in fact focused on 'Sales Capability'.

With this results changing tool we reveal the sub-conscious hidden behaviours that can sabotage sales performance. Some of the many factors we assess include 'Need for Approval', 'Money Weakness' and 'Buy Cycle weakness'.

Just these three factors alone can reduce sales conversion by over 60%.


Induction takes more than Instruction

To get our new recruits up to speed it is important to instill a sense of belonging.

To make the new staff member feel welcome and to appreciate their input, and nurture a team environment around them that celebrates excellence.

This is a very important part of leadership, as the culture the sales leader reflects is the culture the team will adopt, and the behaviour the new recruit will observe as being the norm.

If input is not celebrated, and poor performance is focused on this develops a fear mentality and a high pressure environment that ultimately takes the focus away from the goal, and places it on the possible pain.

It can be easy to forget as a sales leader that this is vital to get right.


Have a great week selling ! 

Cunningham team


Justin Cunningham is a business coach/creative/marketer/future trend enthusiast/musician and speaker. This man oozes energy and passion and ideas.

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