But How Do I Find The Time To Blog?

by Guest Expert

A number of women say to me; okay I want to blog, I understand the value for me and my business in blogging... but where do I find the time?

I believe blogging is another of those important activities in your business (and in life!) - you have to make the time for; you'll never ‘find' it!

If you're committed to adding blogging to your marketing mix, then think about how often you want to post to your blog (weekly? Twice-weekly? Fortnightly?) And when can you make time; first thing Tuesday mornings, last thing Thursday afternoons? When are you most likely to be in the right space - physically and creatively to create a blog post? Then schedule this time in your diary as a must-do!

Use your down-time (waiting for meetings, sitting at airports or traffic lights and so on) to jot down skeleton ideas for blog posts. Carry around a notebook with you to capture those fleeting, easily forgotten ideas as they come to you... (those ideas are bound to come to you when you're waiting in a check-out queue rather than when you're actually sitting in front of your computer waiting for inspiration!)

If your ideas and words are flowing you can write any extra posts to your blog and ‘edit' the time-stamp so the post is published in the future (or the past) on a date you set. This means you can write a number of posts in one sitting or you can write a whole batch of posts and go off on holiday!

Remember writing blog posts is just part of the dialogue, take the time to answer any comments that are posted to your blog as well. And allocate some of your ‘blog time' to read other people's blogs (subscribing by RSS feed is the easiest and most effective way to keep on top of lots of blog reading) and comment on those too.

And number one rule... enjoy blogging!

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