BIG Warning Signs a Sales Training Program is BS


The Warning signs

Deliberate but inaccurate contrarianism

Because sales training is a really crowded niche, to stand out, many sales training organisations will come out with deliberately contrarian statements about the sales process

A recent example is a guy who claims that “relationships no longer matter in sales” – now from experience I can absolutely tell you right now that that is just total BS – what I also know is there is research that shows that the ability to create a relationship is a whopping 40% of what is required to make a sale

Being contrarian is a great way to stand out but if what they are saying is just flat out wrong then they are simply misleading you just to get your attention.

The use of overly complex jargon

This is often done in an effort to allude to complexity to create interest.

In short, if it sounds too complex it will not only be hard for you to learn, it will be even harder for you team to learn and will be even harder to get them to do it

Your system needs to be a balance of practical, easy to learn and DEADLY effective to really deliver results

5 Crucial Questions you need to ask when evaluating a sales training program to get the best fit for you?

1.When was the last time this guy actually sold something?

Here’s the thing – many so called sales trainers have become great internet marketers but haven’t actually sold anything for many years

A great way to tell is if they continually use the exact same old examples to explain different ideas or strategies

i.e. “when I was working in sales at xyz company 30 years ago”

Sales knowledge is like a muscle and unless your trainer os a doer of the thing they will very quickly forget the nuances

2.Will this person be a good culture fit  for me/my people?

This is a big one. 

If your chosen trainer is not going to be a good fit for your people, he or she can have the best content in the world but it will be worthless because none of your team will take it seriously

3.Is this person a trained facilitator or just a gun sales person “telling” everyone what worked for them

This is another big one Your trainer needs to move at the speed that your team needs to move at – and that takes a special type of skill set 

Great facilitators are not born that way it takes time, training and experience to be able to have the feel to lead
a great learning session.

4.Are they focussed on their system or your results?

Often sales trainers will talk way more about their process or system and way less about your outcome

the conversation from the word go should be about your results not their process

If you are hearing “my process”, “our system”, etc etc and very little about your results you are likely not talking too the right person.

5.Do I or will my team want to model this person?

There is a sales trainer out there who I believe is quite good – but the guy ripped off thousands of people for millions of dollars and was convicted and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Now do you really want your team modelling someone like that?

If you buy into the idea that “who you are is as if not more important than what you say’ – then you probably can guess your
own answer to that.

Food for thought.


John Blake


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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