Being A Freelancer Does Not Mean Not Having A Career


We have this general belief that in life we get to choose whether we work as a freelancer (be our own boss) or start stepping on the ladder of a career (working for a company). That is not actually the case

In fact, both approaches to working are similar in the sense that you will always work for someone. The only real difference stands in the way the work is approached. Besides this, we have similarities that can easily show us that being a freelancer is actually a career. You can have a career as a freelancer and everything will be much more similar to what you are used to.

You Start Off In The Same Way

The regular approach is going to interviews. In most cases a freelancer will also go to an interview but only for a specific project, not for a long term job. Given the fact that it is really tough to get a job in the current market, many choose to work as freelancers as a way to make some extra cash. Most will eventually choose a long term job but some will stick to this project based style of work. It is all up to personal choice.

You Make More Money As A Freelancer But The Career Path Catches Up

Monetary Library showed that there is a clear connection in how much money you would make on the long run as a freelancer when compared with how much you would make through a regular career. The amounts are pretty much even. What you do after some time is what differentiates the earning potentials. In many cases people love the stability of the career job approach. This is mainly because of the fact that it is really hard to deal with business startup finances and running your own company usually leads to failure.

Those that are willing to take chances will eventually open a company. This means giving up on the freelancing ways or the career job. As you can see, you can make more money as a freelancer in the beginning since you work with more clients at once but as time passes, you can make a lot more than in the start with the regular job, especially when choosing the commission plus salary approach.

The Career Of The Freelancer

The freelancer starts small. As time passes, he/she builds a portfolio. Thanks to that and the growth in the prices that can be asked, the freelancer basically builds up a career. Eventually, a site is created and clients start to contact the person. After some extra time, some sort of business is established. This is something that would help as eventually the freelancer would be able to hire others to take care of part of the tasks. We can clearly see this as being a career, one that is similar to the one you would start in a company.

On the whole, what is important is deciding what path is the best one for you, based on personal wishes and beliefs.

Guest writer - Boris Dzhingarov. Boris is passionate about blogging and is the founder of 16 blogs. 


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