Attitude In The Workplace Report


Success and fulfilment at work doesn't ‘just' happen. It has to be created.

Janice Davies an attitude specialist thinks that more people need to understand that their attitude to work and their own self-belief can change the way we operate in our daily lives. Her research into attitude in the workplace has been compiled into this intriguing report. It outlines both an employee and employer perspective of the motivation or lack of at work.
Does your company’s workforce need invigoration? Can you as an employer/employee do more to become fully satisfied within the work environment? Janice Davies provides three recommendations to both employers and employees but you will have read further to find out!

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Janice Davies is an attitude trainer, professional speaker, business trainer and author. Unleashing people's potential is her passion; helping people unlearn old negative habits and re-learn new techniques, to create a positive attitude to life.

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