Assessment Centre Exercises Simulating Workplace Activities


Improve your recruitment process with assessment centre exercises

Recruitment no longer needs to rely solely on the subjective process of interview alone to determine who would be right for your team and business. Now there are many other steps which can be introduced to support your hunches and address concerns raised in the face-to-face interview situation.

Assessment centre exercises are one of the processes that can provide you with an opportunity to effectively assess a potential employee’s performance. During the exercise they undertake an activity which requires the candidate to utilise competencies that they would be expected to perform on the job.

Other advantages of assessment centre exercises are that they can be used effectively with one candidate or with large candidate pools. In addition, not only do they give you key information about a candidate’s suitability to a current role, they can also give great insight into the potential of a candidate once in your business.


The Benefits of Assessment Centre Exercises:

  • Assessment centres can predict accurately how well a person is likely to perform in a new role
  • Each assessment centre exercise is standardised which means all candidates have the same opportunity to show their ability on the same basis
  • When working with large groups during the recruitment process, we use multiple assessors in the assessment centres which ensures greater objectivity than interviews which are normally carried out by just one or two interviewers
  • Assessment centre exercises allow all candidates to demonstrate a range of abilities in realistic and relevant simulation exercises, giving employers a more rounded view of each individual
  • All candidates are given an equal opportunity to succeed irrespective of ethnicity, gender, age or disability
  • One of the major benefits of assessment centre exercises is the ability to reduce the risk and costs of making poor hiring decisions
  • They can help differentiate seemingly similar candidates


Sharn Rayner


Sharn Rayner is the Director of human resources and organisational development consultancy - Pod Consulting.

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