Are You Winning Through Faith Or Failing In Fear?


Are you breaking through your mental barriers?

Chuck Yeager was the World War II hero who first broke the sound barrier.  Everybody who had tried it before had reached a certain speed when the plane started to shake so violently that it seemed as if the plane would explode!  Some planes did disintegrate, and, unfortunately, the pilots died.  Worldly experience showed that it couldn’t be done, but Yeager want to try anyway.

With two broken ribs and in extreme pain, he wondered if his body was capable of holding out under the stress.  At seven hundred miles an hour, the plane began to rattle and shake violently.  But then he broke through into “a great calm”. He had done it!

Breakout comes before breakthrough

As you progress with your business and things seem to be shaky and unstable, what are you going to do?  Will you bale out of the plane and press the ejector-seat button or will you pluck up the courage to push through that ‘sound barrier’ and get to experience a great calm for yourself?

They say that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  In fact, it can be categorised into two key areas:

1.     Fear that you won’t get what you need

2.     Fear that you won’t be able to hold on to what you have

Are you living in the faith zone?

I once read a great definition of living in the faith zone by Jentezen Franklin as “reaching up and grabbing hold of nothing and holding on to it until it becomes something!”  So, if you feel like you are holding on to thin air, here are five things for you to consider to help you achieve your breakthrough:

1. Use what you have in your hands

Before you go off and make any further investments, check out what you have around you now.  An ancient Jewish story about a farmer called Shamgar says that he killed 600 Philistines using an“oxgoad” – a large pointed stick.  They say that it was the only thing he held in his hand.  Look around you know and do an inventory of your skills and figure out what you can use today.

2. Start from where you currently are

Figure out where you are on your journey and plot out a new course to navigate.  Even a GPS system will need to know where you are and it will recalculate a new route. Do the same for your situation so that you never get too far off course!

3. Do what you are able to do

Don’t set unrealistic expectations on what you are able to do.  An Olympic athlete would have trained for years to gain the honour of competing for his country.  So, keep a level head about your activities and step out with faith to achieve a new personal best – not a world record!

4. Focus on what you can achieve

Whether you are a skateboarder or a skier, they say that you will travel into the direction that at you are looking at.  A driver in a remote area will hit the solitary tree or lamppost because that’s where he’s looking.  So keep your eye on the prize ahead to avoid a nasty accident!

5. Visualise what victory will look like

When the going gets tough, use the art of visualisation to help you pull through.  Many successful people will encourage you to use visual messages to help keep you on track.  Whether it is a picture of the goal that you are looking to achieve, or a written affirmation of what you are going for, keep it in open view at all times.

When fear starts to grip your situation and you are ready to quit, have the faith that you can complete the journey you started and use these five tips to make the breakthrough you desire in your life.
Elias Kanaris
Forensic Consultant & Lid Lifter


Elias Kanaris is an expert in lifting the lid on leadership by focussing on ethical business practice.

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