Are You Ready To Win?


When you're winning, nothing hurts! A few weeks ago we celebrated the All Blacks lifting the Webb Ellis Trophy. For those of you who are not in the know - that is the Rugby World Cup. The last time we were World Champions was in 1987 - 24 long years ago when the competition was inaugurated. As the saying goes... it's been a long time between drinks!


But when you're losing...


In a similar vein, my favourite soccer club - Arsenal - endured a torrid start to their season, with a humiliating 8-2 defeat, their worst result in 114 years!


Thankfully, the tide has turned!


Lift yourself above the pain and hurt...


With the despair of losing our two best players essentially before a ball was kicked, being compounded by a run of results that tested the patience of even the most loyal fan, I could easily have turned my back against the club and put my trust and support behind another team.  However, I chose to stay loyal and to continue giving them my support.


So, the next time you find yourself on a bit of a losing streak, and everybody seems to be ganging up against you, I want to encourage you to take stock of your situation, back yourself to the hilt and persevere against the odds.  To help you get ready to win, here are 5 simple things that you should "BE" to help you to stay on track, maximise your potential and lift yourself to the next level:


1. Be prepared...


How well prepared are you for any impending disaster? As a native of New Zealand, we have a geography that is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions - each with deadly and devastating consequences.  We are constantly reminded to be prepared and to store supplies of food and water, just in case... Yet, how much thought do we give ourselves to be prepared in our personal or business lives?  How many of us have a "Survival Checklist" that we are reviewing on a regular basis?


2. Be humble...


In times of victory, be sure that you are humble in your celebration, because there is a chance that you might wear the boot of defeat after the next encounter!  Nobody likes a boastful or pretentious person rubbing their nose in it, irrespective of "how funny" you might find it.  As they say, don't let you actions come back and bite you on your backside!


3. Be in position...


If any of you have (or have had) young children who played sports as "midgets", you would probably remember seeing your children run around in a pack formation, chasing after the ball across the length and breadth of the field. Over time, even children understand that they need to occupy specific positions on the field and within the team to ensure that they win. Do you know your position and are you sticking to it?


4. Be dependable...


Nothing is a higher compliment that others being able to look at you and say that you are dependable. As John Maxwell describes in his Minute with Maxwell videos, ask yourself if you are leaving people out there 'hanging' or are you helping them achieve more.  As you set your bar higher for your career, make sure that you are also consistent, especially with your promises and follow-through becoming a priority.


5. Be passionate...


Passion is the great energiser! When we are passionate, we get others excited and that leads to energy and often accomplishment.  It provides the energy needed for the room as well as the leader.  If you show me a person who lacks passion, I'll show you a person who is dead... it's just that they haven't made it official yet!


So, the next time you find yourself in a losing streak, remember who you have to "BE" and use these 5 tips to get you and those around you to the winning side!


Elias Kanaris

Forensic Consultant & Lid Lifter



Elias Kanaris is an expert in lifting the lid on leadership by focussing on ethical business practice.

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