Are You Choosing Your Words Carefully?


Sticks & stones may break my bone, but it turns out that words might actually kill me... What we are saying, might, after-all, be killing us!

There is a well documented experiment that Dr Masaru Emoto conducted in 2004 that was brought to the big screen in the film What The Bleep Do We Know?

It documents his theory that words can have a dramatic impact on the structure of water molecules. His highest profile experiment was with two jars of rice, submerged in distilled water. The first jar, with negative words written externally & spoken orally to it on a daily basis, resulted in prolific bacterial growth. This contrasted starkly with the alternative jar that had positive words written and spoken over it, barely changed over the same timeframe.

Does water have feelings?

The effect on water is further amplified in a series of pictures taken on frozen crystalline structures.

With our bodies made up of up to 70% water, his discovery has far reaching implications... can anyone really afford to speak negatively on an on-going basis without putting themselves at risk?

Are your words slowly killing you...

If water stamped with positive words can produce a far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing crystalline structure than water stamped with dark, negative phrases, surely it is time to take count of your words?

To help you choose your words carefully, here are 5 simple things to consider to help you maximise your potential and lift yourself to the next level:

1. Words spoken in anger...

We all know that you can't take back a word said in anger. So start off by saying those most difficult three words, "I am sorry!" Ask for forgiveness and forgive the person that has offended you. I once heard it said that unforgiveness is like drinking poison, but expecting the other person to die! As John Maxwell says in his Minute With Maxwell video on the word anger, we all are emotional, but we don't have to let our emotions rule our actions.

2. If you can't say something positive...

As my grandmother used to say, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything you'll regret later!" I know of an Engineer who was so self-conscious that he would constantly stare downwards & wouldn't even look you in the eye. All he could see were the shoes that others wore. If he could say, "Nice shoes!" then, no matter how shy you are, surely you can find something good to say?

3. Try complimenting them...

When you give someone a compliment, make it specific. If you can, back up your compliment. Strengthen your compliment by asking a question. Why? Because giving compliments raises your self-esteem. Some benefits of this are manifested in becoming more resilient, happy & motivated to achieve your goals!

4. The tongue is sharper than a two-edged sword...

There is a proverb that says that "death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits." To safeguard yourself from the harm it might inflict, make sure that your words breath life into your situation. It is said that if you walk down the corridor and three people independently see you within 20 minutes and say, "Are you feeling well - because you don't look that good?" that you will start to doubt yourself and feel unwell!

5. What does your t-shirt say about you...

If Dr. Emoto showed that a message written on a jar can have damaging consequences, what harm are you potentially doing to yourself each time you innocently put on a t-shirt. I encourage you to take stock of your wardrobe and ensure that it is filled with clothes that promote positivity. Whilst this might sound draconian, is it worth taking the chance...?

So, remember to consider these five things and use them to maximise your potential and lift your lid at all times!

Elias Kanaris



Elias Kanaris is an expert in lifting the lid on leadership by focussing on ethical business practice.

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