Are You a Good Listener?


There are many facets that all good coaches have in common. One of the most important ones is to be a good listener. Part of the process of being coached by someone is to find the answers to problems and road blocks through self discovery. This means that instead of the coach suggesting why a problem may exist, they guide the coachee to discover the reason for the problem themselves.

This is why being a good listener is so important. Sometimes people assume that a coach is there to give them the answers they need. But we are all different, and while a coach may tackle a specific problem in a certain way, the same method may not work for everyone. A golden rule to remember when coaching is not to present the coachee with the solution they are working towards: allow them to get there on their own. At times you may need to nudge them or give some guidance in this sense, but they should always be the ones to find the solution.

Listening to the coachee is beneficial in more than one way however. It will also help the coachee to gain confidence from the fact that they arrived at the solution on their own. Even if you did assist in some small way, simply listening to them as they work through a problem verbally can lead them to where they want to go.

If the person who is receiving the coaching lacks confidence, it is easy to see how the process of listening and gently guiding them can work wonders for their confidence levels. It can feel strange to go through this process if you are new to coaching; it may feel as though you are not contributing in any real way. But you should remember that coaching can be done in silent support, as well as by offering advice.

Derek Good
Managing Director
Rapid Results Limited


Productivity, confidence and leadership are areas Derek Good writes, presents and works with businesses to develop.

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