Are Your Webinars Getting You New Business?

by Guest Expert

Presenters mainly want to use webinars as another way of delivering some of their educational material. Great! But today I want to show you some interesting stuff about the value of webinars for marketing your business.

The marketing company The Shattuck Group, which works with professional service firms and experts, recently conducted some research to find the most effective marketing tools for these businesses.

Specifically, they were asking this question:

"How do you build a simple and effective lead generation plan that just works - a plan that impacts revenue and profits while still being manageable and affordable?"

Good question, huh?

After surveying more than 350 business leaders, they got these top five responses:

This is extremely valuable research for us as infopreneurs and thought leaders, because it tells you what's working in practice, not just in theory. I'm not going to go into detail about them all here (but if you want to know more, you can read my blog post about it here). I just want to point out that webinars made the top five.

There's no doubt webinars are becoming more popular as a way of marketing your expertise (that's why I wrote the book "Webinar Smarts"), and the Shattuck research confirms this.

WARNING: I see many speakers neglecting webinars, and they shouldn't! They get caught up in how to charge money for them, how to be "perfect" when delivering them, whether they will cannibalise their existing business, and all sorts of other excuses. Ironically, it's mainly the non-speakers, who don't have any of this baggage, who are taking advantage of webinar technology to accelerate their business growth.

(It's the same with on-line video, by the way. When did you last see a really popular YouTube video from a professional speaker?)

So run a promotional webinar or two (or three, or one every three months ...)

Gihan Perera

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