Aligning Your HR Practices to Human Instincts


How aligned are your HR practices to human nature? Our new diagnostic allows you to answer this question.

The survey is an on-line self-assessment questionnaire for HR/OD teams (or senior teams of small-medium organisations). 

Typically you would run the survey in preparation for a team planning retreat. 

The output from the survey allows you to discover your HR practices that are well aligned to the 9 human instincts (so you can retain these as your strengths) and the ones that appear poorly aligned to the 9 instincts (that should be the focus in your planning). You’ll be prioritising your time and energy on the actions that will make the biggest difference. 

The focus is on designing people practices so we use natural forces to enable our organisation and that we are not imposing people practices that deny or fight against human nature. 

The survey is further explained on our website. An enquiry form is on the website.

Andrew O'Keeffe
28 November 2013


Andrew O'Keeffe is a Human Resources Executive. He has observed bosses for many years, has worked for bosses and has been a boss. As a result of these studies he has written one of the very best leadership books ever, called 'The Boss'and recently released 'Hardwired Humans'.

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