A Passion Point to Ponder: Lessons from James Bond and his 50 years.



It's 50 years since the first James Bond film; Sean Connery starring in the 1962 release of Dr No(although Bond in print dates from 1953).

Bond, of course, never dies or grows old like we do. Unlike us, he lives to fight another day, since great franchises and the written word can live forever. 

Just like your passion helps you create value that can live forever! 

If you can remember seeing Dr No in the 1960s, you are what Japanese marketers call 'Premium Age Consumers' - the cash-rich over 60's who spend 44% of total Japanese consumption. Some 30 million Japanese - 23% of the population - are aged 65 or older. These people hold over 1/3 more in household savings and spend, on average, almost 10% more each year than the rest of the Japanese population.

Japan is the world's most rapidly ageing society and by 2060 40% of the population is expected to be over the age of 65. Like James Bond, this age group is active in many ways; often dubbed 'active seniors' by the marketing people who are anxious to tap into this available and increasing cash flow.

An active age group - physically and mentally - that is rich in cash and time, represents a wonderful opportunity for Japanese marketers.

As the rest of the developed world follows this ageing pattern, similar opportunities will arise for organisations brave enough to think 'old' rather than 'young' and who embrace the concept of selling to seniors who still can access their passions, just like Bond.

It may not happen soon, but eventually the marketing people will be shaken and stirred by the realisation that the world is very different to what they thought and, although diamonds are forever, older people remain active and even passionate, and only live - and spend more than other age groups - once.


"Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many. " Anon.

Do you regret the years, or let them live to give you more?

"The years teach much which the days never knew."

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1852) American Essayist, Lecturer and Poet.

Do the years teach you what your days never knew?


Charles Kovess CSP



Charles Kovess CSP is a lawyer, successful businessman, professional speaker and passion provocateur.

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