A New Year Reflection: Choose To Give


As you begin a new working year, many of you have paused to think about how you might do things differently in 2013--if not different things!

Seeing this new year ahead, you may want, in many ways, to be new yourself.

A new year always brings differences, even if it is only a change of date. Slowly you adjust yourself to a familiar, if not a new routine, and the year begins to pass like those before it.

Over the last few weeks many of you have relaxed more than usual, using your free time to unwind, before returning to work or routine.


Many return to a time:  

-When they commute more, but communicate less.

-When sound bites increase, but common sense subsides.

-When possessions become obsessions, and values fade.

-When they click more, but learn less.

-When they delete more, but delight less.

-When they rush and race, but lose the race.

-When they fight for space, but not within.

-When they spend the day, but end it not in peace.

And, come December, when Christmas nears again, things will change briefly, before the cycle repeats itself.

In this time of resolution, ponder the possibility of resolving just a little, but giving and living a whole lot more!

-Give time, for you cannot take it away.

-Give love, for it helps all, and is the source of your passion.

-Give space for your dreams, for to dream is to sow a seed that can grow to greatness.

-Give hope when all seems hopeless, for hope is ours

to give.

-Give forgiveness, for through forgiving new life is ours to gain.

-Give, yet keep your values, for values shape the world.


Remember, you cannot measure the treasure within, but you can discover it. 
A new day--and year--await you.



"We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less." 

George Carlin (1937---), American comedian and actor.

What do you possess--more or less?

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we

take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

George Carlin.

Do you always wake and take, or pause to measure and treasure, different things?


Charles Kovess



Charles Kovess CSP is a lawyer, successful businessman, professional speaker and passion provocateur.

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