A Brilliant Strategy to Handle Your Problems Elegantly!


So, who do you know who has no problems? The only group we know for sure who has no problems are deceased, buried, and mostly forgotten. The problems they worried about have ceased to be.

Whilst we are sure you have problems, whose problems would you rather have? Some writers over the years have pointed out that very few of us would actually want to replace our problems with those of others!

We have a strategy below that is brilliant, that will enable you to handle all of your problems elegantly. It will dramatically alter your experience of life if you use it. It is not difficult to use.

Here it is: embrace the concept, expounded clearly by Dr R Buckminster Fuller, that as human beings, our only long-term reward for solving problems is….

Wait for it….

Keep waiting…….



Yes, your reward for solving your problems is not peace, it’s not happiness, it’s not fulfilment, it’s not joy, it’s not progress, it’s bigger problems!

Prove this to yourself right now. Contemplate the problems you had when you were aged 20. From the point of view of your current skill level, you would have little difficulty handling what would have seemed to you at age 20 a huge problem. Today’s problems that you have are much bigger, requiring greater skills to resolve.

The rule is this: the better you become, through skill development, the bigger the problems that your life and those around you will throw at you.


Here are two more simple examples.

When a sporting team wins a premiership, its problems in the next season increase because their competition treats them more seriously than previously. Beating the current premiers is always a bigger motivation for the competition.

Right now, Mitt Romney is in the US Presidential Race. His problem is to get elected. If he solves this problems, and is elected to the Presidency, do you think his reward will be bigger problems, or peace and quiet?


The answer is obvious.

So, the brilliant strategy is this: stop resisting your problems. Choose to embrace them, because you have attracted them to yourself. You deserve your problems, based on the choices in life you have made. If you had no problems, we suggest you would die of boredom. That’s what we consider to be retirement!

Your challenges and problems are your life. You learn and grow through solving your problems. Stop waiting to be happy as the state when you have no problems. If that is your test, you will spend little of your time being happy!

It is possible to be happy even in the midst of the largest of problems. Choose this strategy!


Quotes to Consider

"Your happiness does not depend on external circumstances. Your happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy."

Charles Kovess, based on the philosophies of the Dalai Lama and many philosophers before him.

Do you wait to be clear of all problems before you allow yourself to be happy?

"Problems are the way that the universe shows you that you are alive. A life without problems would bore you to death!"

Charles Kovess.

Are you embracing the problems that you have attracted, rather than wasting your time and energy by wishing they would go away?


Charles Kovess

Australasia’s Passion Provocateur©



Charles Kovess CSP is a lawyer, successful businessman, professional speaker and passion provocateur.

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