A Great Power Script To Open Up New Business


There are 7 primary strategies or ways to build up your network. One of them is actually doing less networking but cultivating your relationships with your existing contacts. It's an approach I sadly overlooked back when I was selling insurance for a healthcare company.

My mistake: go out networking, deliver my pitch to lots of people, come away with a few business cards and wait for the phone to ring. When it didn't (surprise surprise!) I'd go out to more networking events and get in even more cards. Sure, you can see the futility of that right now, but I couldn't then. It cost me.

Truth is, very few people nurture the connections they already have, and leverage those for further business opportunities. So to help you, here's a quick but powerful two-part script you should weave into your conversations with your current prospects, customers, clients and connections. It will hopefully open up more opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling and referrals.

"Could we be doing more business together?"
This is a great question, because it's really hard to say 'no' to. Variations include:

Could we be supporting each other a bit more?

Could we working together more effectively?

Could we be helping each other more than we are?

So when they say 'yes' or 'I guess so' or 'I'm sure we can' then here's your follow up:

Yes, I thought so too. What do you think that might look like?
Variations include:

How do you think we could do that?

What would be a good next step

Then enjoy talking about all the great things you can do together. Happy networking!

Rob Brown


Guest Writer on Business and Success

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