Community Colleges Receive Funding For Job-Training Programs


"In the world today, we have millions of people who are perfectly trained and very competent to handle jobs that no longer exist"! Finally, governments around the world and in the United States are wising up; they are becoming aware of the desperate need for workforce development---and we are not exaggerating.

In fact, there was confirmation from Hilda Solis, the US Secretary of Labor,
who, in a conference call with reporters, said, "Today, we're making a
strategic investment in our work force. Right now, there are high-growth
industries in this country that can't find skilled labor to fill open
positions. We need to train our workers to fill them. Community colleges
understand the needs of local employers."

In the US, community colleges will receive about USD $500-million in federal
grants in late September, the first of four payments in a USD $2-billion
plan announced last year that is intended to improve career development
programs and train a currently unemployable workforce.

According to the US Departments of Labor and Education, though more than 200
community colleges applied for the grants, ranging from about
USD$2.7-million to USD $25-million, only 49 will receive funds so far. The
chosen colleges will use the money to buy equipment, hire staff, and develop
job-training curricula. Each community college to receive a grant will
collaborate with at least one employer with job openings; they will work
together to develop the curriculum---a partnership that is long overdue.

The range of programs is exciting. At Honolulu Community College, the
program focuses on reducing the high percentage of students enrolled in
remedial mathematics and English courses.

At Tidewater Community College, the Commonwealth of Virginia's 23 community
colleges, will offer a variety of courses, including using new technology
tools, providing improved retention services, and redesigning its
developmental-education program.

Some of the courses will even teach entrepreneurship, help employers with
retention, and even venture into the fields of aerospace companies and
aircraft manufacturing.

Elsewhere in the world, we are seeing the same struggles by employers to
find and hire good people and less outreach to bridge the gaps.

Herman Trend Alerts are written by Joyce Gioia, a strategic
business futurist, Certified Management Consultant, author, and
professional speaker.


Joyce Gioia is a Strategic Business Futurist concentrating on workforce and workplace trends. Joyce is President and CEO of The Herman Group, a firm serving a wide range corporate, trade association and governmental clients on an international basis.

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