80% of Sales Happens After 5 Outreaches Says Paul Kirch


Interesting to reflect on what Paul Kirch says about 80% of sales happens after 5 outreaches when you consider that many salespeople give up before they hit that magic 5! How much are they missing out on!

Paul is the Founder and CEO of Actus Sales Intelligence and they dedicate themselves to helping their customers sell smarter.


In this interview Paul shares so many good tips which include:

The power of always being a resource - even before they become clients
How voicemail is not a deterrent but an opportunity - interesting take on this!
How a lack of response does not necessarily equate to a lack of interest
How everybody in the business is either in sales, or supporting sales. 
I was also interested to hear what Paul believes are the great impediments to successful selling, they include:

Not actively listening
Not having metrics to measure the different stages of the sales process
Not doing enough role play to practice. 


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