7 Passionate Thoughts to add to your Success Toolbox in 2015


We have been pondering how to kick these Passion Points off to a big start in this new year: a year that is rapidly becoming a bit of an old year! Time is flying. And it’s been some time since we have been provoking you, so some extra special provocation may be in order!!

Some of our subscribers and recipients have been with us since October 2000, when we started publishing these Passion Points to Ponder. Others have joined us in the past few weeks. We are delighted to have you, however long it’s been, and our promise to you all is that we believe what we send to you is well worth your contemplation and your ponderings.


For the first Passion Point for 2015, I have decided to inspire and provoke you with Seven Passionate Thoughts, to raise the energy that you put into your contemplation and pondering, and to perhaps bring some new insights into your life and the lives of those with whom you interact.


I suggest you add these Passionate Thoughts into your Success Toolbox, the Toolbox that presently contains all the resources you use to create and live the life that inspires you, that fulfils you, and enables you to live a life that has meaning for you.


Each of these 7 Passionate Thoughts are used by me, on a day to day basis. You might say that they are some of my secrets, which I only rarely share with others. I certainly do not share them with those who have little awareness of what a passionate life is all about!


So, I hope you are ready.


Thought No. 1:

You become what you think about most of the time. Today, you in physical form and experience are the result of the thoughts you have had prior to today. So, guard your thoughts!


Thought No. 2:

Love is a wondrous resource. It is amazing how often you can solve your relationship problems by thinking about loving the other person. In January, I attended a wedding and the celebrant quoted Shakespeare’s thought that loving another person means desiring the best for that other person. This is just one example of love in action, but it’s a great one.


Thought No. 3:

You are either growing or dying: there is no standing still. How can you possibly thrive in a changing world if you are not hungry to learn and grow and improve? You must invest time, energy and money in developing yourself. We recommend that you invest at least 10% of your income. You are your greatest asset.


Thought No. 4:

The world is rushing at us, at ever increasing speed. The information flow is growing. Inboxes are filling up. The best way to handle this is to simplify your life. Choose voluntary simplicity. Choose to say ‘no’ sometimes, more often than you presently do.


Thought No. 5:

Your physical, mental and spiritual health are precious resources. Treat them as such. Do not sacrifice your health for an illusion of security. Your greatest security is your ability to add value, and the healthier you are, the greater is your ability to add value.


Thought No. 6:

Politicians are having a tough time. If a Government makes 100 decisions, and most people agree with 90 of them, then there will be 10 decisions that are opposed by various groups. If these groups then use massive social media to publicise their dissatisfaction, the perception is generated that the Government is clearly incompetent because various groups are protesting loudly. Do your own thinking. Refuse to be swayed by the thinking of the mob. Observe what you are thinking. Raise your consciousness so you are thinking in ways that are useful and powerful for you.  


Thought No. 7:

Living without passion is a difficult and unfulfilling way to live! Don’t do this! You are meant to be pursuing your passion, doing what it is that you uniquely see needs to be done. You do not need permission to live such a life, other than permission from yourself. The benefits to you are wondrous when you live such a life:

  • You have massive energy
  • You face your problems and handle them
  • You are more attractive to other people around you
  • You earn more money because you can add more value
  • You have much more fun
  • You have a much better love life
  • And many more benefits, too numerous to mention!




"Hatred can be overcome only by love."

Mahatma Gandhi.


Are you willing to increase the love you give?


"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

Mahatma Gandhi, again.


Whom do you need to forgive, to rebuild the relationships that you want to have?


Charles Kovess CSP


Charles Kovess CSP is a lawyer, successful businessman, professional speaker and passion provocateur.

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