6 Things to Grow Your Business Today


I often get asked how someone should grow their business, so here are six of the fastest and best ways to do it:

1) Reach out to inactive clients

Clients come and clients go, but you can always reach out to old clients and see if they want to come back. Many people get busy, distracted or simply forget to come back - you can change that with a simple email, phone call or a handwritten card.

2) Promote someone else

This might seem odd, but one of the best ways to grow your business is to promote someone else - as long as they're willing to share some of the money they make with you.

This is one of the most powerful strategies that many business owners don't use. It's also one of the most leveraged ways to grow your business (and add value to your clients, without having to be the one who does the work!)

3) Get someone to promote you

It works both ways of course, if you're quiet and need more clients, get another business to promote you and your business and of course reward them for doing it too.

4) Increase your prices

This is something that people often resist (and it's something that should be planned as well as measured) but it can be one of the fastest ways to growth and more profits.

The very first coaching client I worked with had their pricing model all wrong, changing this changed everything for the business and took them from not making anything to turning a profit.

5) Upsell and cross sell

Upsells and cross selling when done right are some of the most powerful tools to growing your business, the client is buying so it's the ideal time to find out what else they need or want.

Lots of business costs are fixed (rent, phones etc.) if you sell more, you make more - just make sure it's genuinely helping your client.

6) Add a new marketing or sales funnel

Adding a new marketing or sales funnel allows you to leverage off assets you already have. Rather than creating a new product or service you simply reuse what you already have by sending new people to an offer or into an existing marketing funnel.

This could be online by creating new ads into an existing funnel, or offline by driving people through a newspaper ad to an existing offer.

Andrew Baird.


Andrew Baird started in business when he was made redundant. Sadly he wasn't an overnight success. In fact in his second year he almost went broke. But he didn't and fortunately, he kept going.

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