6 Blockers to Growing Sales in your Business


When I first started in this business 10 years ago the business was all about teaching sales skills.

This worked great for the companies that just needed that but pretty soon, I started encountering companies that needed so much more... 

Some had either little, poor or no leadership
Some had terrible marketing and lead qualification
Some had either no sales system or a different “version of the truth” for each sales person that no one in management had even the faintest idea about
Some were full of people that hated each other
And some had no sales management or mentoring in place what so ever

So here’s the thing…

You can have your team trained in the best sales skills in your entire industry but unless you have this other stuff in place guess what ?

Their efforts will be at best compromised and at worst totally undermined

So I’m going to list these 6 blockers and explain what I mean by them and then give you some ideas on how to address each one


1.Sales Skills

Ok we know what this is - this is what your sales team actually say to your existing and prospective client at the start and during the subsequent ongoing relationship - most, but by no means all, companies have an awareness of this need and have done (at least something) about it.


2.Sales Systems

This is the order in which things happen in your prospective client’s journey to you. For example - the day before your client is visited by you or your sales person what do you do ? do you call them to confirm?Are they sent a video or a hard copy package as a pre-cursor to the visit ? do you some pre-selling before your guy gets there ? Are they sent some information with testimonials ?

Important questions right ? but often ignored or not even thought about


3.Marketing Systems

How are your prospects found or how do they find you? are they cold called ? are they referred ? do they opt in from your website ? how then are they
treated differently depending on what lead source they come from ?


4.Sales Culture

This has a number of considerations but here’s a few… is there agreement within the team on how they will behave in the team ?

Are there acceptable and unacceptable business behaviours that everyone agrees to abide by or is it every man for himself ?


5.Sales Management

Are your sales team actually trained, mentored and supported or is it a churn and burn mentality?

Is your sales manager a “competitor” to your sales team or is he a true advocate to their success ? If so, does he actually have coaching skills or is he simply a sales person who was promoted overnight to sales manager ?


6.Sales Leadership

What is being communicated in terms of the long term vision of the business ? How are your team meant to “see, hear and feel” the big picture ? Do your leaders lead by example or is there a double standard taking place ?


This is just a partial list of what needs to be looked at if you are to look holistically at growing sales within any organisation.

And so as you can see “sales skills” whilst being very important are literally the tip of the ice berg. 

John Blake 


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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