5 Steps to Consciously Evolving Your Enterprise


The following offers some ideas and a strategy to help you consciously evolve your enterprise. All this process sets out to do is activate the human superpowers of Awareness, Intuition, Imagination, Reason, and Will in your organisation. The integrity of your vision and values system (collective) will take care of the rest.

This process can create an organizational 'state' that is a wonderful buzz for everyone involved and is also the zone where your optimal teamwork occurs. It is vital for leaders to do whatever you can to foster the most cohesive and harmonious collaborative that you can if you are to facilitate the maximizing of your enterprise potential (whether for profit/NGO or otherwise). This process grows Team Intelligence so that the evolution of your enterprise is more deliberate AND spontaneous AND highly RESPONSIVE to the wider environment.

The following steps will help you awaken to the power of higher performance and the fulfillment of personal, team and enterprise potentials. (Suggested time frame is two-three days intensive off-site).

  1. CO-CREATE A VISION so compelling to move towards that it becomes a no-brainer for everyone. Get together and openly discuss what turns you all on in life and what turns you off. Listen to each other with a view to 'learning' your team-mates better. Treat each other like topics you want to study. Learn to understand each other. Create a future you all agree is worth working for, that feels worthwhile putting your individual and collective efforts towards. (Establishing this creates a boundary for you to bounce things up against in order to establish whether future actions are 'fit for purpose'.) Note: Groups of 5-7 people are ideal for this. For larger groups include another layer of group report backs into the whole. Note: There are many ways to do this kind of activity…fulfilling the purpose of the conversation is what matters. Create the 'right' environment and present a clear 'frame' for the activity and your team creativity will kick in and lead the process from there.
  2. CLARIFY AND COMMIT to the ideal (and common) vision you share. Check for robustness by identifying what you would all be prepared to do for that vision - and what you are NOT willing to do. Identify boundaries you will not cross (eg: unethical action). Any kind of values clarification process will help with this step. Create your version of a charter or code that everyone signs up for. You will notice if it feels stretchy and edgy or if it is not compelling or engaging enough.
  3. GET EXCITED - beat the drums about defining WHAT resources will be required, the tasks that will need doing, the skills/people that will be required etc in order to fulfill the most potent potential of your teamwork. What might you achieve together? (These conversations will fuel the 'latching on' to the vision solidly ref 1.) This is the step where strategy gets clarified and agreed to. To be excited it has to get personal. It has to matter PERSONALLY. Help everyone understand this and you will get the best results and your contribution will be most potent.
  4. GET TO WORK adding the value to the enterprise by playing to your strengths and being willing to push through you own boundaries into what the purpose needs from you in order to be fulfilled (eg: leadership growth). The growth asked of you will only ever be what you have inside waiting to emerge at the right time. Take your self-belief and attachment to the vision into the field of work and get stuck in.
  5. Decide what will compel you by way of MEASURING. Make measuring relevant and motivating - preferably designed by those whom they affect directly. These can become personal 'carrots' for action. Have a 'stick' in there as well - a 'consequence of non-performance' that you really don't want to go towards. Everyone's can be unique to them and individuals need to choose whether to be public or private about what theirs are. You could also create an agreed 'team carrot and stick'. Review your KPI's regulary.

You can initiate these discussions with your business owner, team leader, HR Director or just get a bunch of like-minded people together and lead the way.


Amanda Fleming



Amanda Fleming is Director of Presenter At Large Ltd, an organisation dedicated to presenting highly stimulating and effective learning events that produce lasting positive results.

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