5 Signs That You're Trying Too Hard To Achieve More In Your Work Life


Naturalness is the greatest weapon in your personality

And yet…

It’s the most unrealised and most unused.

So, how do far too many of us try to have a greater impact in our work lives – on a daily basis?

By being unnatural…and therefore substantially increasing the risk of being unconvincing, unprofitable and unsuccessful because we give off unhelpful body language signals.

Yep! That’s right.

This is exactly how so many of us – and yes this may well include you…if you analyse your behaviour – conduct ourselves in our work lives.

So, whether you want that pay increase or that promotion or, for instance, you desperately want to inspire that lazy and difficult colleague to work properly with your team rather than slagging-off all that you’re trying to achieve before sloping off to be slovenly elsewhere, you can find yourself acting and saying things that not only make YOU feel incongruent, but that make OTHERS feel you’re being unnatural.

The result?

You don’t progress beyond the Damn It! Sod It! F*** It! stage to achieve what you’re able to – but only if you’re being more natural. And naturalness is a sign of true confidence.

So what are 5 signs that you’re trying too hard to achieve more in your work life?

  1. Rounded Shoulders: Your posture is an initial giveaway. When you’re trying too hard you invariably don’t stand up straight. You can tend to speak with slightly or even noticeably rounded shoulders.
  2. Finger Tugging: If you’re aware of this, you most probably see it every day in other people. But you probably don’t realise that you too are doing this. When you’re uneasy or stressed you can tug at your fingers – often without realising it. It’s like you’re trying to tug at and tug away negative feelings. Perhaps negative feelings about yourself and the situation you find yourself in. The problem is that these body language signals give off a negative message.
  3. Torrent Talking: When you’re talking with or even at someone in a torrent this is a sign you’re trying too hard to convince the other person or people of what you’re trying to say.
  4. Artificial Amusement: Laughing too easily, too quickly and too emphatically tells the other person or people you’re talking with, certainly subconsciously, that you’re trying to force an atmosphere of happiness and jollity. And if you’re guffawing like a baboon on speed, especially when the person or people you’re speaking with have said something that they don’t think is that amusing or just isn’t amusing at all, then you can come across as unnatural and therefore insincere.
  5. Fanatic Face: Although it’s important to make someone feel better for you’re being there when you’re talking together, it’s quite another to make them feel like they’re in a remake of a film like Psycho! When you tell yourself consciously to focus on someone and appear really interested in them and what they’re saying, then you can quite easily overcook it. While you think you’re looking at them as if you’re fascinated, they can feel you’re looking at them as if you’re a deranged fanatic with an unnerving intense laser facial focus. It’s not a good look – for you. Again because it’s forced and not natural.

So, now ask yourself this…and be honest!

Are YOU trying TOO hard to have the right impact in your work life?


Sean Brickell


Confidence & Communication Skills Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author & Media Commentator

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