4 Ways You Can Make Your Sales Process Invisible to Your Client


Sales has evolved in proportion to the markets awareness of sales techniques. To stay ahead of the curve naturally your sales approach needs to evolve as well.

To that end, I have listed below 4 key ways you can make your sales process disappear in the mind of your client. So that they simply see the opportunity without the red flag type interference that cause buyers to put barriers up.

Incorporate these into your sales conversations and your levels of trust, conversions and quality of client conversations will sky rocket.

1. Tell Stories – stories are the most elegant way to explain or sell anything If you can tell a true (yes they have to be true ?? )story using the right framework you will literally bypass the critical thinking part of the brain - if you can explain what you do or cover a common client concern in the body of a story, you will rarely if ever trip any client alarm bells.

2. Educate – point out and help your clients avoid mistakes that they probably would have made without your help. Help them navigate options and inform them about things that they don’t know about. Being of service in this regard is one of if not the most powerful part of your sales framework. The most important part of educating your buyer is that is positions you in a superior way to any of your competitors.

3. Eliminate cliche’s or words that have sales baggage around them Eliminate the language and phrases that have sales baggage around them. These are the words that can instantly cause fear in the mind of your prospect.
The list of these words is very long but as an example, words like “honestly” and “basically” and “to be honest” are all words and phrases that will do you harm if you use them in your sales conversations.

4. Be sincere - I have left this until last because it is the foundation upon which everything is built. Without this in place what ever you say will come out wrong. Sincerity is the intersection where your willingness to serve, your belief in what you sell and your belief in yourself intersect.

If all 3 are in alignment you will do well if they are not, you will fail because people can pick up insincerity.

John Blake


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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