4 Keys to Quickly Turn Ideas Into Action


As I recall the last 10 years coaching mentoring and training sales people (plus the previous 15 in the trenches as a sales manager, sales agent and sales rep) there’s one thing that has stood head and shoulders above anything else in terms of results.

It’s putting great ideas into practice


It’s the bridge between an idea or a theory and the practice and transformation of results


In fact, when I see people trotting out the same old sales rhetoric that they borrowed from someone who borrowed it from someone else it really annoys me.


It’s the exact same reason why I am so strict with what I train in my programs and have the criteria that every idea I teach has to be…


1. Proven and tested by me and 

2. At least 1 pilot client before I roll it out to bigger groups


So below, I have outlined the 4 fastest ways to bring a strategy, idea or an approach to life.


1.Bounce the idea off a friendly 



We all have “friendlies” in business. These are the clients, associates and friends who know, like and trust you. They are the people who’s opinion you trust and respect and who have your back. Got a new idea ? Bounce it off 10 friendless before you take it to market


2. Be aware of statistical significance


I learned this idea from an incredibly talented marketing lady Leela Cosgrove – often we start something and get an average result and then give up on itWhat we often fail to recognise is that we don’t really start to see a significant pattern until we’ve done something enough times I recently read that until you have tried something 150 times you won’t really know if it’s good or not.



Mike Patton, avant garde singer, song writer and composer said “if it comes from inside you it’s already valid’


What that means is that you can like a new idea or think it has legs but it’s only once you have actually market tested something that you will know if other people think it’s good also


3. Put your own stamp on it


I often say this when I am writing sales scripting phraseology for clients.  We need to internalise an idea and make it 

our own if we are to sound authentic.


In that respect we need to put our spin on it so it sounds like us and is in keeping with our personality or our brand if we are implementing as a company.


Clients and people in general can spot, sense and very easily reject inauthenticity.  Keep it real and you will go far


4. Keep testing and trying new things


Famous CEO Jack Welch said...


“When the rate of change outside the organisation exceeds the rate of change within the organisation, the end is in sight”


I’ll leave you with one and another question…


What are you trying that’s new right now ? What have you tried that’s new in the last 

30, 60 or 90 days ?


Find something you can test. Something that can change your current results


John Blake


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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