3 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Sales


To help you increase your effectiveness as a sales leader and to improve your sales we will be looking at 3 simple keys to improving your sales growth in today's sales tips article.

1. Increase your Customer Base

What is your lead generation strategy?

If you are unclear on this, or it is not working, you need to fix that immediately. Just a 10% growth in your customer base will create massive impact on topline sales.

Can your sales team improve their lead generation efforts to achieve 10% more customers?

Can you table this at your next sales coaching session with your team?

The results will be well worth it, and when you multiply this by the other 2 factors the return is enormous.

2. Increase your Average Sale

Just as with increasing your customer base, increasing your average sale size can have a massive impact on your sales.

It may be one more question to reveal a cross-sell or up-sell, or a perceived customer upgrade that costs no more but you can charge for.
What are some power questions that can create just 10% more on your average sale? Often the key is simply remembering don't stop selling until the customer stops buying!

3. Increase your Frequency of Sales

Often this key element of sales growth is neglected and as such it can be difficult to work out the lifetime value of your clients. As with the other two factors it is not particularly difficult but requires a strategy to ensure it becomes a managed and measured sales behaviour.

Now lets look at what happens when we multiply these 3 factors together. The results of a mere 10% increase in customers, average sale and frequency creates nearly 33% growth in sales!

Sales Graph (Image)

Have a great week selling!

Justin Cunningham and the SalesStar.com team


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