3 Key SalesStar Lessons that Changed My Life in Sales


I wanted to share the 3 lessons that I learned as a sales person, and as a business owner that truly opened my eyes to what was possible, and what has blocked my success in the past.

1.    Hidden weaknesses and their power


Upon reviewing the 4 key Hidden weaknesses that can sabotage results, or when addressed open up massive opportunities I was astonished. 

Out of the 4 weaknesses -

1.     Self Limiting Beliefs

2.     Need for Approval

3.     Money Weakness

4.     Non-supportive buy cycle

I had Money weakness and Need for approval present in my previous selling technique and behaviour. 

As a result of money weakness I would stop selling when I thought my customer was spending a lot of money, instead of selling on value to the customer and only stopping when they no longer saw value.

I also realised I had been charging a minimal fee, and had not clearly established the value of my services, so I had been undercutting myself (crazy right?).

Combining this with the very common Need for Approval was stopping me dead in my tracks.

Once I realised I needed to be respected primarily as a sales person and to sell on value the results have been transformational.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you have a sales person who may be doing this?


2. Without a clear UVP you are at a disadvantage

When you understand the reason 'why people should choose you over your competitor', and your sales people clearly understand your positioning. Your offer to market will be powerful, your sales people will be focused, and your sales results will follow suit.

I have personally done this exercise and seen clients become empowered and more profitable from completing this exercise.


3. Know your customer better than they know themselves 

When your ideal customer is not clear strategies, tactics, sales effectiveness and sales velocity are all negatively affected.

To try and sell to all businesses will cause your business to suffer.

Determine the decision maker, the business size, and the category your ideal client operates in and focus, focus, focus.

Research and ask many questions.


The end result - exceptional rapport and a profitable relationship as a trusted advisor


Justin Cunningham



Justin Cunningham is a business coach/creative/marketer/future trend enthusiast/musician and speaker. This man oozes energy and passion and ideas.

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