3 Reasons Why the Fastest Path to your Dream Client is not a Sales Funnel


Everywhere you look on line and in social media there is someone suggesting you are just one good sales funnel away from changing your whole business and your world.

And before I go any further, let me also be clear that I don’t have anything against sales funnels - I think they are a crucial part of any marketing mix.

What I am saying is this…

Your dream clients, you know the ones that make up 5 - 20% of your client base but generate 80% of your revenue ? these guys are rarely going to find you through your  sales funnel.

So while I support having sales funnels that bring in qualified leads, what I don’t support is being 100% reliant on this media alone to bring in your best or dream clients.


In short, most businesses want big clients but have very inefficient and inconsistent ways of 

  1. Identifying who they are 
  2. Getting their attention in the RIGHT way 
  3. Getting in front of them 
  4. Converting them


There are 3 really good reasons for this…


1.Most businesses hate cold calling

In short cold calling sucks…

it positions you just like the Indian gentleman that calls you up at 7pm just as you’re getting dinner ready and suggests you should change telephone carriers it’s non leveraged and because of the constant rejection

involved, it just feels wrong.  

And because of that the “direct” approach often gets ignored.


2.Your dream clients are very likely non going to get into your funnel in the first place

Why? because they very likely already have a supplier for your product or service. 

Either that or they simply have no awareness that you exist


3.Your “nurture sequence” is often email and email is the easiest business communication to ignore

Look I don’t care if you have a 100 email nurture sequence, when it comes to email what we know is this…  over 80% off emails don’t even get opened let alone read by someone.


This means that unless your approach involves multiple modes of contact like direct mail and telephone once the client has been engaged, you will  almost certainly be ignored.


John Blake 


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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