3 Questions Worth Thousands of Dollars from Rob Schultz


Its three simple questions that can pay off with literally tens of thousands of dollars in extra income:

1. What are the powerful outcomes you offer that your ideal clients are ALREADY searching for?

The key phrase here is “already searching for”. Trying to convince someone why they “should” invest in your products is the fast path to struggle. Instead … target outcomes they are already actively and urgently searching for. Because when you do, they are already 2/3 of the way to “Yes” before you even speak your first word!


2. Who are the people who already have the money to pay for these solutions?

a. What professions are they in?

b. What do they do?

c. What are their job titles?

Know specifically who your ideal clients are (the ones who already need you and have the money to pay you), sets you up for this all important third question, that can open the floodgates of revenue:


3. Take your answers from Question 2 and ask, “OK … where do these people hang out?”

It may be at specific networking groups. It may be at certain events or trade shows. It may be at other live events or workshops. it may be at gatherings specific to an industry your prospects work in. Because once you know where your ideal VIP Prospects gather and what they want, you can optimize your results by ONLY showing up at those venues.

And simply offering them the outcomes they are already searching for that employ your unique genius!

Three simple questions … with huge implications for skyrocketing your results. (And I promise you … these three questions are just that start!) 


John D Allen


On Dec. 4 2000, John D. Allen came within one single hour of dying from a major brain aneurysm. Clinging to life, he was rushed into the operating room at the very last minute possible. You see, he was operated on during the 23rd hour of the critical 24 hour window aneurysm patients have if they are to have any chance at living.

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